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Blended Learning is a combination of offline and online learning. It is one of the most effective ways to teach.

Blended Learning Best Practises

Determine Learning Objective
Make sure to determine a clear learning objective for each task following the previous tasks.
Design To Meet Organizational Need
Ensure to analyze the need of your organization and determine if the need is to reach the global workforce and design the course to meet the same.
Make Use Of Engaging Content
Make use of engaging content which includes interactive courses with rich multimedia visuals, interactive whiteboards, HD video and audio conference in order to engage learners.
Perform Constant Evaluation
Perform frequent evaluations after every training, to evaluate your training plan to ensure if the training program drives the best result, if not derive a better learning plan.
How BrainCert Supports Blended Learning?
Blended learning is always a best approach when comes to employee training. BrainCert Enterprise LMS supports blended learning by enhancing the traditional classroom experience in below ways.
Inbuilt Virtual Classroom
With virtual classroom functionality it is possible for the learners to log into their LMS and attend instructor-led classes remotely. As the platform supports audio/video streaming and chat features, learners can shoot questions and clarify the doubts.
Social Learning
BrainCert Enterprise LMS has a discussion forum to enhance collaboration to support social learning. Using this trainers can set up a discussion where learners can discuss course contents, ask questions and even share interesting resources.
Learning Paths
By using the learning path feature, the instructor can either set a flexible or strict rule for course completion which eventually makes the process of learning more effective. Learners are required to complete the prerequisite courses setup in a sequence to demonstrate proper knowledge necessary before enrolling or taking the main course.
Analytics & Reporting
It has advanced tracking & reporting dashboard that gives you detailed reports with interactive graphs to track courses, tests and virtual classroom sessions.

Why BrainCert?

Onboard external partners and customers
Integrated testing platform
Integrated courses platform
Content management
Integrated Ecommerce 
Mobile/Tablet ready
Custom branding and SSL certificate
Enterprise ready
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