BrainCert LMS for Compliance Training

Meet your compliance obligations with effective online Compliance Training.
What is Compliance Training?
Compliance training is a must needed for a well-functioning company as it is not only the legal requirement protecting legal laws and audits but an operational necessity for a company to overcome and reduce risk factors and increase the workforce efficiency. A well-established company needs to make sure that their employees follow the industry regulations, failing which the companies might face big consequences.
Key Benefits of BrainCert LMS for Compliance Training
Reduce Operational Costs
BrainCert LMS helps you to reduce unnecessary cost incurred in renting a physical space, also reduce your unnecessary travel expenses and hiring trainers.
Minimizes Risk
Minimize risks by providing effective training needed for an employee to stay updated with industry regulations.
Multi-Language Support
Easily set interface language with a click of a button. This intuitive and powerful feature is designed to setup the interface language based on the group the users belong to.
Up-to-date Information
You can keep your training and information updated with new laws as per the industry regulation.
Custom Branding
Easily rebrand and customize the portal with your own logo, theme, domain.
Easily Accessible
Create lessons or courses at ease and it can accessed by an employee anytime from anywhere.
Why use an LMS for Compliance Training?
Companies often feel it is difficult to train the workforce particularly if the company operates in multiple locations.  It is even more difficult to manage the different certification levels that each employee needs to maintain to remain compliant for their designation within the company. A best LMS platform helps to tackle this by taking all your training program online.

An LMS is particularly built according to the requirement of modern workforce. Nowadays, almost each and every employee has access to mobile devices, tablet or laptop and they prefer using them when searching for answers. The needs have drastically changed today and the knowledge gaps demand instant solutions. This is a requirement that only training deployed via powerful LMS platform can deliver.

It is always necessary to take the compliance training online to reap the below benefits
Better Knowledge acquisition and retention,
Reduces The Risk Of Compliance Breach
Minimizes Expenses
Centralized Learning Materials
Automate Training Process
What Clients Say?
BrainCert's all in one platform for video and PDF content made creating the course so incredibly easy since I don't have to worry about connecting multiple platforms together. We created our sales page quickly with their built-in tools. As a small business we appreciated how much time we saved using BrainCert.
Lisa Shaughnessy

Iwas looking for an LMS with some specific featurtes like Live classes, From, Chat and good customer service with a reasonable price and I am very happy I found this one.
Jane Ruate

Why BrainCert?

Onboard external partners and customers
Integrated testing platform
Integrated courses platform
Content management
Integrated Ecommerce 
Mobile/Tablet ready
Custom branding and SSL certificate
Enterprise ready
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