BrainCert For Educational Institutions

Role Of LMS in Educational Industry
Intuitive Teaching
Our platform helps to build an engaging and fun learning environment for students. You can create learning path for courses, categorize exams, embed customized videos and audios. Our powerful course creation helps you to create and manage your course in a matter easily.
Powerful Reporting
You can measure and analyse about your students performance using our advanced tracking system. Our advanced tracking and reporting dashboard gives you a detailed report with interactive graphs.
Easy Courseware
You can upload or embed any kind of content such as DOC, PPT, PDF, HTML, SCORM and video into an online courseware with in minutes.
Real-time Collaboration
You can use “Teacher Accounts” to invite anyone to contribute and manage your courses and tests, and collaborative live tutoring using Virtual Classroom.
Integrated E-Commerce
Our E-learning and LMS platform integrates seamlessly with PayPal and Stripe to sell your courses, tests and live classes faster.
Scalable & Secure
Data security is utmost important to us and we make sure that everything you upload is kept confidential and secure. All our files are stored with top-grade secured infrastructure.
Meet your online education training needs with BrainCert
BrainCert aims to build a better educational experience between teachers and students by promoting a better learning environment and online collaboration. We offer an array of digital features for students or learners to get engaged. 

The software is specifically designed to enhance the students and teachers online collaboration by improving information and resource sharing. You can easily create highly interactive, themed and blended courses online in minutes.

Built-in Virtual Classroom can help bridge the gap and functions in nearly the same way as a traditional physical classroom. Instructor can host live seminar and conferences online, engaging with students located anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re delivering teaching to a public school, private academy or a college or university you can almost make use of our platform to enhance your teaching experiences better for your students.

Why BrainCert?

Built-in Virtual Classroom
Multilingual Support
Powerful Reporting
Easy implementation
Integrated Ecommerce 
Mobile/Tablet ready
Custom branding and SSL certificate
Enterprise ready
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An educational platform that has thought of everything you need
Easy to use, simple to configure, has thought about everything you need before you know you need it. And fabulous customer support.
- Lucy K - 
Intuitive product with an appealing interface
I enjoyed the BrainCert interface, it was comfortable to navigate and offered a fairly comprehensive collection of reporting tools. I liked how easy it was to learn to use, and the user design was a plus.
- Ellen H -
Amazing experience for teachers and students
The nice GUI, the multilingual option, the virtual classroom and all extensions make any course a modern learning experience. You don't need to hire programmers in order to fix bugs, the Braincert team is always there to solve any issue.
- Maria Anna Ida A
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