BrainCert LMS for Manufacturing Companies

Key benefits of using BrainCert LMS for manufacturing industry

Increase in Productivity
An LMS provides consistent and proper training to employees to improve their skills and there by increase in improved productivity and quality is ensured.
Reduced Training Cost
Using an LMS reduces the cost involved in traditional classroom training and further it allows the training to take place at any time and at any place according to the comfort without incurring loss in production.
Maintain Standard
Manufacturing companies need to comply with international laws and hence they need uniform process standards and that can be acquired with a standardized training using an LMS.
An LMS helps to scale up the production and keeps you stay ahead of your competitor, deploying well trained workforce.
With using an LMS an employee can learn at any time and from any place of their choice and this gives much flexibility for the employee to utilize the time and training with regards to the product or new technology.
Automated Certification
On successful completion of training, will be awarded with automated generated certificates. This ensures the qualification of the employees. The generated certificates can be easily customized according to the requirement.
Role of LMS in Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is highly competitive and in order to survive in this competitive industry it is always necessary to increase manufacturing quality and speed. The two things which cannot be compromised by a manufacturing company is speed and production quality.

This industry is highly knowledge-driven and the employees of such companies should adapt to new technologies, materials and infrastructure. One of the greatest challenges that these companies face is the lack of skilled workforce. 

With implementing the best LMS like BrainCert, the manufacturing companies can overcome the challenges they face and improve the skills of the employees by empowering new technologies.

Increase Workforce Efficiency
Streamline your process and make it easier for an employee to act within and increase the efficiency.
Minimizes risk
Minimize risks by providing effective training needed for an employee to stay updated with industry regulations.
Advanced Reporting
Easily Track the learning progress of the training program with advanced reporting.
What Clients Say?
BrainCert's all in one platform for video and PDF content made creating the course so incredibly easy since I don't have to worry about connecting multiple platforms together. We created our sales page quickly with their built-in tools. As a small business we appreciated how much time we saved using BrainCert.
Lisa Shaughnessy

Iwas looking for an LMS with some specific featurtes like Live classes, From, Chat and good customer service with a reasonable price and I am very happy I found this one.
Jane Ruate

Why BrainCert?

Built-in Virtual Classroom
Multilingual Support
Powerful Reporting
Easy implementation
Integrated Ecommerce 
Mobile/Tablet ready
Custom branding and SSL certificate
Enterprise ready
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